Type and Media is a master’s course in typeface design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) . In the first semester students have several modules to complete that are interspersed with a set of enlightening workshops covered by guest lecturers. During the second semester, students focus on their thesis project. This site showcases the final projects of the class of 2020.

A big thank you to the faculty and supervisors at Type and Media for their expertise, wisdom, and support during this especially difficult year: Erik van Blokland, Peter Verheul, Paul van der Laan, Peter Biľak, Françoise Berserik, Frank Grießhammer, Petr van Blokland, Marja van der Burgh, Tânia Raposo, Fred Smeijers, Just van Rossum, Jan Willem Stas, Ilya Ruderman, Aleksandra Samuļenkova, and Kristyan Sarkis, and Mário Feliciano.

This year we had online visits, talks and lectures from friends and colleagues from all over the locked down world. We are grateful and happy that they took the time to join us: Paul Barnes, Ken Barber, Diana Ovezea, Kai Bernau, Nikola Djurek, Liang Hai, Thomas Huot-Marchand and the ANRT students.

Thank you to all the generous people who made our exhibition and this showcase possible:
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Arnaud Chemin's header


Arnaud likes to compare his project to a traditional dish which would never disappear. The project is detailed and built to last. Epitre is a text typeface family in which the lowercase construction is based on the roman capital principles. The aim was to create a more consistent relation between both upper and lower Latin alphabets. The design started from a calligraphic base, using a single broad brush, leading him to a very classical approach, sprinkled with an English touch. The text styles aim to be pretty invisible, as “it is a far more difficult to be simple than to be complicated”. A particular attention has been given to vertical metrics, contrast amount, proportions and spacing in order to achieve the most harmonious effect in reading size.

Arnaud Chemin

Arnaud Chemin is a French type and graphic designer. He first studied print and graphic design in Paris, then moved to the Ésad Amiens (France) to specialize in new media interactions. He also attended Écal (Switzerland), dedicating his time and effort to type design. He worked briefly at Typofonderie and Black[Foundry] where he was involved in brand identity projects.

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The Latin script is a bicameral script: we use two alphabets for a given language. Those two alphabets originally belonged to different ways of writing (different tools), from different periods of our history:

Reflecting on those simple facts, this project aims
to reconcile those alphabets in a closer relation. To achieve this, I used a single tool as the basis for both cases: the brush. I adapted the lowercase to the uppercase construction, basing that decision on the fact that one appeared before the other. I also believe that lowercase are more flexible than uppercase, and this might have motivated my choice as well. The project also implies an adaptation from an analogue to a digital environment – from calligraphy, through drawing to vectors. This process includes an important parameter which is the size. Calligraphy and lettering behave well in a big size, but many changes had to happen to make a proper text typeface for reading size. I had to fight against the monumental aesthetics of the calligraphic construction I originally made.

TM20: Arnaud Chemin from TypeMedia MA on Vimeo .